DIY Flowers


Buckets of Loose Flowers*: this option is only available from the first weekend in June through September. All our flowers are cut within 48 hours of your event and processed in our cooler for the greatest quality. Premium flowers such as Peony, Dahlia, and Lisianthus are not included in buckets and are sold separately.

Growers Choice Bucket:  $75

Growers choice of flower varieties and color. Contains approximately 80 stems.

Color Choice Buckets: $100

These buckets contain at least two chosen colors and are still grower’s choice varieties.  

*Greenery and grasses/textures are not included in buckets and are sold by the bunch.  I can add Greenery and grasses  to buckets in place of flowers for no extra charge.

Bunches of Flowers

Premium flowers and early/late season flowers are sold by the bunch or stem and are not included in buckets.

Seasonal Greenery $15 bunch

Seasonal Grasses $10 bunch

French Tulips Singles $17 for 10, Parrots and doubles $19 for 10

We grow high quality extremely tall french tulips in many colors and varieties. These tulips can be sold with the bulbs attached to plant in your yard to enjoy the next spring.

Peonies $3.50-$5 a stem depending on variety

Lisianthus $20 bunch

Dahlias: $3 a stem

Dinner plate dahlias such as Cafe Au Lait are $5.50 a stem

Chrysanthemums: $15 bunch

Each stem is very branchy and contains multiple usable blooms

Bucket orders are farm pick up only. I recommend ordering a practice bucket or grabbing a bunch at the Farmer’s Market to see how many flowers you would need in order to create what you desire. You can even use weeds from your yard to estimate stems per vase. Everyone had a different desired look when it comes to fullness.

Flowers will be properly conditioned upon pick up. Flowers can be picked up no more than two days prior to your event.

You will need to make sure you have the proper size vehicle to accommodate your buckets. Flowers should be kept in a cool dark place until a few hours prior to your event. Keep in mind it can take hours to a full day to create your flowers so allow yourself time or delegate it to a friend so you can enjoy your day. I always recommend prepping flowers the day before your event and storing them in a cool place until you need them. They should last up to a week with proper care.


Flowers once cut and conditioned do not like the hot sun. It will wilt them quickly. If your event is outside and it’s very hot wait until the last minute to  put them out. Keep them in the shade as long as possible.

Make sure your water is clean and no debris has fallen in. Leaves should not be below water level.  I strip the leaves off the bottom half of every flower when arranging.  Do not use warm water as it is softened. Cool water is best.

Make sure you give every flower a fresh cut and plenty of water in the vase. The fresh cut will help it drink as they will be thirsty once they warm up from the cooler. Fill vase half to three quarters full. If you are creating your designs more than a day in advance give your stems a fresh cut and fresh water the day of for best results.

Not all flowers are suitable for out of water design such as boutonnieres or hand held bouquets. Please ask which flowers will work best if needed.

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These prices reflect June-September. Early spring and late fall may increase depending on availability. Premium flowers that cannot be grown locally will reflect a variable price range based on availability.



Please email Lisa directly